Thanks to WFMU I just discovered a great site called folkstreams. It houses short documentaries about American folk life - mostly the music but also the dances, rituals and work of the cultural groups, villages, and neighborhoods of North America. The films mostly have an anthropology department flavor with square and white, middle-class voiceovers, but I tend to think they're worth it. Here are some of their California focused offerings:

Pizza Pizza Daddy-O about Black girl playground chants.

Two Homes, One Heart about Sikh women living in Sacramento - mostly focusing on Punjabi traditional dance.

Cowboy Poets (OK, not California, but still Western and awesome).

Enjoy folks.


Des said...

I saw this on UndergroundBlackMan's blog yesterday....and he gave u the hat tip...Well I came all the way across the internet to shake your hand. Just watched Pizza Pizza Daddy -o with my girls and one of the blues pieces featuring B.B. King and My MAIN MAN Son Thomas. A bluesman I've been telling my girls about for the past 4 years....Now they can see him for themselves.

thx again.

Bay Radical said...

Isn't Folkstreams great des? I showed Pizza Pizza Daddy-O to my little girl too. She loved it!

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