Have you seen Wattstax? Maybe because it was released a year before I was born, I never saw it until just this second. I thought I would watch it while I worked on the homework for my web design class, but this is shredding me - I cannot take my eyes off the screen! Not only is it an amazing concert movie, not only is it an awesome document of a particular historical moment, but the seventies outfits are blowing me away!

If you have a pulse, you must watch this film. Here's the preview (you can ignore the dumb voiceover, but don't miss Oaklander Ted "Isaac, Your Bartender" Lange!):


Laurie said...

Yes! I saw it a year or so ago and made a post about it, but I do believe you were shunning the internet at that time. The soundtrack is wonderful too -- I've downloaded quite a bit of it and will share it with you if you like. Um, except that is illegal, and so of course I won't be doing that. What I mean is that you can just listen to it on my iPod someday.

Invisible Woman said...

One of the best movies ever.

Bay Radical said...

Laurie -
I've looked for that post in vain. Sad.

invisible woman -
Thanks for stopping by! Can I add a vote on People's Sexist Man list for Chiwetel Ejiofor?

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