Library Love

I know I don't have to tell you how awesome the library is, but I'll tell you anyway:

I went to the Dimond branch to dig through their American Indian collection (getting a pile of books for a post I'm working on) and found, not just that very awesome wall of books and magazines, but also in the teen section a library-produced flyer on resources for teens about sex, and a pamphlet, also library-made, about the realities of joining the military with lots of references for books, websites, and movies that could help help talk a 17 year old out of joining up.

Related: my little Rutabaga got her first library card this week. She just turned five, so she's old enough to take on the responsibilities and privileges associated with that piece of plastic, and I'm proud to report that she's been showing off her new card to everyone she talks to.

Can we just take a moment to praise librarians here? Libraries might be the last, great anti-corporate institutions left.


Anonymous said...


The other day I realized that one of the first things I want to do when I move is get a library card.

Rutabaga and I will match. :)

- Julie

anniez-k said...

Ok. Feel free to shower me with love and adulation. I can take it.

Annie, The Librarian

Amanda said...

I have been having the Medical Self-Advocacy Group at the Dimond Library and I love it because it's so lived-in. It's like a big, public, cluttered living room over there.

I didn't know about Rudy's library card. I would like to see it and will ask her about it soon.

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