Technical Problems

A bit of tech housekeeping that you can ignore if you read this site by going straight to bayradical.blogspot.com:

Apparently, those of you who read Bay Radical through an RSS reader like bloglines or LJ syndication are seeing re-posts of my old entries, sometimes all of them at once! I know this is annoying, but my research about this hasn't uncovered exactly where the problem lies. Basically, for some reason, the RSS reader perceives that I have updated or changed old posts, and is trying to show you the 'new versions' even when there isn't a new version.

From what I understand, this problem is common, and happens to lots of blogs in all different readers, but I have been told that google reader does this the least of any other reader, so you could try subscribing there instead.

If you have any idea of how I can reduce this problem, please let me know!

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