Chron coverage of War era social change

Apparently, Ken "Jazz is best when its played by dead people" Burns has a new documentary on WWII. Despite my feelings about Burns (and I know about Burns, because for some reason I sat through the endless Baseball documentary even though I haven't really been into baseball since I was a tomboy kid) I'm pretty interested to check it out, because he focuses on the impact of the war on urban communities, including Sacramento where I lived when I was in high school. An article about the documentary in today's Chron includes some cool historical tidbits about the Bay Area during the war. Here's the link.


K. Burns said...

I'm so boycotting your ass, bay_rad, based on your unfair criticisms of Ken Burns, who has done more for race relations in this country than Michael Moore!

Bay Radical said...

I'm on to you Kenny! Keep your period-accented voiceovers out of my blog!

moycat said...

This is a travesty, bay_rad. While I generally enjoy the leftist commentary in this cutting-edge blog, this time you have gone too far. Ken Burns has done more for race relations in this country than Bill Moyers!

Bay Radical said...

Do you know anything about the brick with the PBS logo that came through my window last night?

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