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I finally got down to the Oakland History Room to check out Billy X. Jennings' exhibit on the Black Panther Party children's schools. You'll never see more adorable pictures of revolutionary education.

There are a few photos downstairs and more upstairs in front of the elevator and inside the Oakland History Room. I was especially into the shots of the kids doing Karate.


Lola Gets said...

Ive always found the pics of the "Baby Panthers" cute!


Bay Radical said...

Thanks for visiting Lola! I agree, they're totally adorable!

Colonel Neville. said...

Dear Rad:

Sure, it's er, "cute". Riiight. I love kids in militant uniforms. Panther, Red Brigade, SS, KKK...All absolutely darling and what childhood should all be about...radical Marxist ideology for minority tots! Right on!

It can only work out great cos that's what all successful parents do for THEIR kids...experiment with mass militant conformity.

Hey, during morning lunch the kids organised a "right on!" "give it to the man!" action against "The Man", or Larry the school cook.

"Down with Honky Imperialist Wonderbread!" they chanted endlessly in unison.

The kids beat Larry with his own Cheese Whizz and then ran the "Capitalist Fascist!" out of the kindergarten. Then the future X kids, pushed over a peddle car and set it on fire!

I think the revolution can only get cuter, don't you? Er, your site IS a parody of the deluded, backdated, venal and morally vain radical phony right? No? Damn...

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Colonel Neville.

Colonel Neville said...

Hey Rad:

I also noticed that all the 1/3 scale Huey Long's and Malcolm X's looked sooooooo HAPPY! Er, rather unsurprisingly no. I shall use your efforts as a post on Frank Marshall Davis. Do you delete criticism eh? I never do.

Colonel Neville.

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