Veterans Day Links

"Caring for a dead veteran is easy...bring a wreath, say a few
words and walk away. Caring for a living veteran requires
time, money and a life-long commitment. Every Veterans
Day our politicians show they don't know the difference
as they visit a cemetery instead of a VA hospital."

VA Watchdog
G.I. Rights Hotline
Hire Veterans
National Coalition for Homeless Veterans
PTSD Combat Blog

Iraq Veterans Against the War
Veterans Against the Iraq War
Vietnam Veterans Against the War
Veterans for Peace
Citizen Soldier
Courage to Resist
Military Families Speak Out
Gold Star Families Speak Out

…and the G.I. Movement Archives from the Sir! No Sir! Website.

Feel free to add to the list.


cavalaxis said...


danadane said...

Who said / wrote the quotation above?

Bay Radical said...

I couldn't find a source for the quote, but it's at the top of that first link - VA Watchdog - so presumably someone there said it. Good, huh?

Amanda said...

PTSD Combat Blog! Hooray. I'm going to send that to my Dad.

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