Endorsements part II: Sparkletack

Sparkletack, Sparkletack, Sparkletack. Sparkletack. Sparkletack is a podcast about San Francisco history. It's also a blog and a website. Richard Miller produces the in-depth, well-researched, stories on an irregular basis (it takes a lot of time to research this stuff) but it is worth the wait for each new episode. For money, he's a designer, and you can tell because Sparkletack has a beautiful and accessible interface. But he's a natural historian, with an audible love for his hometown.

From Sparkletack, I learned who really invented blue jeans. I understood why California stayed out of the Civil War. And I discovered that my father's countryman, Robert Lewis Stevenson, lived in SF's Chinatown, and was a vocal critic of anti-Chinese racism.

When I started this blog a couple months ago I sent out emails to everyone I could think of to promote it, and I sent a cold email to Richard who was a total stranger to me. He wrote back right away and was beyond encouraging. He even added an enthusiastic endorsement for Bay Radical on his links page. If you're into San Francisco, or you're interested in history, listen to Sparkletack. Why is it called Sparkletack? I don't know. Why aren't you listening to it right now? I don't know that either.

Sparkletack. It's awesome.

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