Sekou Sundiata

I just heard that Sekou Sundiata died this week. If you don't know his work, here's a little:

Based on interviews I've heard, he seems to have been as thoughtful a person as he was a poet. He'll be missed.


Anonymous said...

I hadn't heard this news yet, and it made me deeply sad. He was incredible. We've lost so much in his passing. We gained so much in his words.

Thanks Felix, as always, for this blog. I've been learning so much and appreciating your work.

Question: I read Bay Radical as a LJ feed. If I leave comments there, will you see them, or do I need to comment here?

- Julie

Bay Radical said...

Aww, thanks Julie. I'm hoping to do a real post again on Monday. They all take longer than I plan!

If you leave a comment for me on the LJ feed I probably won't see it. I check there periodically, but not always. Comments here in the 'real' blog get forwarded to my Gmail to remind me.

MAPP International said...

A Message from Sekou Sundiata’s family and friends:

When Sekou Sundiata passed away in July 2007 he was in the midst of touring his acclaimed music/theater production, the 51st (dream) state – a work he considered his personal and poetic “State of the American Soul Address.” Sekou’s family, the entire cast of the 51st (dream) state, his artistic collaborators and his producers are committed to carrying on Sekou’s voice and vision by continuing to bring this important and timely work to stages around the country.

The premiere of the re-mounted the 51st (dream) state is coming up in November and we invite you to show your support, help us fill the house, spread the word and join us in Miami as long-time performer & collaborator LaTanya Hall steps into Sekou’s role as "the voice of the poet" backed by an all-star ensemble of singers and musicians.

Performances are being presented by Miami Dade College at The Colony Theater in Miami Beach on Friday & Saturday November 16 and 17 at 8pm. We hope you can make it for this premiere of the re-mounted show! Follow this link for details: http://www.mdc.edu/culture/events/51stdreamstate.htm

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